Darkened Demigod: Weapon of War – Review

Darkened Demigod: Weapon of War

Author: Dr. Shawn Phillips

Publisher: YBCoyote Press

Pages: 328

Goodreads Summary:

Imprisoned miles below the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth he crafted, the first modern-day demigod must come to terms with his failings that led to global annihilation. From the charcoaled ashes of remorse and uncontrollable anger must rise the embodiment of what he was meant to be—a savior for all humankind. However, who he is saving them from and why propels this demigod on a pained journey beyond his home planet, where he must face much more than just an advanced offshoot of humanity. He and the diminutive Bookworm will fight for Earth, but at a cost even a demigod will not be able to rectify.

My Thoughts:

This book is a bit science fiction and fantasy, tossed with demigods and aliens, and a pinch of dystopian. If this sounds intriguing to you then read on my friend! I’ll admit it, this sounds like a crazy mixture but the author totally makes it work.

The idea of human worship/prayers powering the demigods was such a unique concept. The followers could help them with whatever they needed at the time just by praying! It made for a really fun story.

My favorite character BY FAR was Bookworm, he totally made the story. He was wise and witty but was also Mr. President’s voice of reason and helped guide him on his journey. I loved the relationship they developed throughout the story. It was fun watching them grow and evolve as the book progresses.

The only thing I could possibly see as a negative would be how much detail the author went into explaining how things worked etc. But some of that helps you understand things better as most of us don’t have a degree in chemistry!

In the end, this story was action-packed and unpredictable with surprises around every corner. I love not being able to guess the ending and this definitely delivered in that aspect. Darkened Demigods was very well written and held my interest throughout. If this sounds like the type of book you would read, I would definitely recommend it!

4/5 🖤🖤🖤🖤

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

Shawn Phillips wrote his first book, a young-adult fantasy novel titled Dillon’s Dream: Water in Earth (definitely not successul), in 2009 before following it up with his adult paranormal fiction novel, The Doppler Affect (wow, really did great). He will be publishing a new novel Darkened Demigod: Weapon of War on 31 January of 2018.

He spent his younger years living in southern Michigan farming communities before running away to Holland, Michigan to pursue a chemistry degree at Hope College, which he completed in 1992. After migrating to California, he continued his chemistry studies and obtained his doctorate degree in 1997. After a brief yet enjoyable stint at DuPont, he signed on as a civil servant for the United States Air Force. He is currenlty the site director of the AFRL Rocket Lab, having spent nearly twenty years conducting and directing propulsion research for Air Force needs.






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